How to track my iphone

Sign in at to find your missing iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac, Apple Watch, or AirPods on a map. Download the Find My iPhone app on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. Activation Lock prevents anyone else from using your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch if it's ever lost or.
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  1. If Find My [device] isn't turned on on your missing device!
  2. Is your missing iPhone switched-off or offline?.
  3. How do I track / see where I've been on my iPhone?;
  4. best android mobile spy software?
  5. How to Track an iPhone By Number Online Free.

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Secretly Track Someone's Using Your iPhone [How-To]

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How to track a lost or stolen iPhone?

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  • Do You Need the Find My iPhone App to Find a Lost iPhone?!
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  • How to Track an iPhone By Number Online Free;
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    The free service provided by Apple uses the iPhone's built-in GPS to track the location of your phone. Even better, it lets you do things like locking the phone over the internet so the person who has it can't use it or remotely deleting all the data on the phone. If you're having problems using Find My iPhone, this article isn't what you need.

    Is your missing iPhone switched-off or offline?

    If your phone was stolen and you didn't have the Find My iPhone app installed, I've got good news: It doesn't matter! Whether or not you had installed the Find My iPhone app download at the App Store for free won't stop you from tracking your phone. The Find My iPhone app isn't required for tracking your iPhone.

    To understand why this is the case, you need to understand that the Find My iPhone service and app are different things. The Find My iPhone service is based in the cloud.

    Part 1: How to Track an iPhone Without Them Knowing

    That means the service lives on the internet , not on your phone or in app, and can be used over the internet. This is an important point. The app is not what makes Find My iPhone work. In fact, because it's a cloud-based service, you don't need an app at all. If not, use the Apple ID you use with iCloud.

    Locate a device in Find My iPhone on

    Once you're logged in, click the Find My iPhone icon and you'll be using the tool. Lost your iPhone and looking for tips on how to use Find My iPhone to track it down? Using the Find My iPhone app is basically the same thing as logging into iCloud to use the service as described in the last section. You can use the Find My iPhone service on a computer to track a lost phone.